A little of my Motorcycling History

The BMW 1992 K75SA - My Re-entry into Motorcycling


Canyon Dual Sport

I bought this bike from a close friend after a 17 year gap in owning a motorcycle. It renewed my love of motorcycling. It's riding position is sporty and I found it had too much lean for me. So, I intended to modify the handlebars and windscreen and take it cross country. Then a family real estate opportunity delayed my leave of absence to roam the country. As a consolation prize, I purchased a beautiful '97 K1100LTB that March that I couldn't be more at home on.To date, I have logged well over 30,000 miles on the K11 and climbing.

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Lance with my '92 K75SA
'Bro' Lance with my K75SA.
The man responsible for my first motorcycle.
The First Bikes . . . 
     In 1978 I began riding on a 1972 Honda CB450, DOHC with high-rise handle 
bars, highway pegs, and a sissy bar and luggage rack.  Put over 5000 miles on 
the CB450 before selling it.  That was the summer of 1978.  I took my license 
test the next spring on my father's 1972 CB450.  Yes, Dad bought one very shortly 
after I bought mine ;-).
     In early 1979, three fraternity brothers bought identical 1978 black, Honda 
CB750Four Ks.  Each bike was Black with orange striping, Vetter's Windjammer 
SS fairing, Vetter Cycle Sound, sissy bar with pad, and luggage rack.  I bought 
mine from one of the 'Bros' in July of '79.  He was off to fly helicopters in the 
     I put over 25,000 miles on the 750FourK over the next three years.  That 
bike was my only means of transportation most of the time.  A lot of cold and 
wet weather riding.  Yes, and Dad bought a new 1979 Honda CB750FourK !  
     In early 1982, one of the Bros and I traded in our Honda CB750s for 
brand new Suzuki GS850G shaft drives.  Beautiful bikes.  Actually, the other 
'bro' and I swapped 750s and I traded his 36k+ Honda in.  He rode mine 
until he traded up to a CB900.   I wasn't in a position to add any accessories, 
so the GS850 stayed stock.  School finances got the best of me and in 1983 
I sold the Suzuki GS850G.  
     I'm not sure why I never bought another bike.  Probably figured I couldn't 
afford anything near as good as the last two and left it at that.  Seventeen years 
later, I bought a friend's 1992 BMW K75SA and embarked anew in the saddle.  
In between I would occassionally have the opportunity to take a bike for a ride.
     Why did my Dad buy almost identical bikes?  No clue.  I guess he enjoyed 
them for a while, anyhow.  In 1997, after his passing, we sold the old '79 CB750.  
It probably hadn't run for about ten years at that point.  A peg scraper he wasn't, 
but he got around on them. 
     Now me, I'm in heaven on my new K1100LT!  Its been a long time and I've 
always known I'd end up with a ride again.  The 'bros' aren't riding anymore, but 
I've found a ton of other riders that are right into it!

     So, here are a few pics of the Honda and the Suzuki.  Man, this brings back 

The First Bikes . . .

750 Four K


78 Honda CB750K

Basic 78 CB750

82 Suzuki GS850G

My Adventure Tourer! 97 F650, Black -- ME ADVTR

-- Motorcycle Adventures -- Life with a BMW Blair of Maine