Finally a Hangar!

These are a few photos of the hangar at Biddeford Municipal Airport after it was completed. The final stages, that took a few weeks, were the paving of the remaining taxi-way down to the new hangars and paving the ramp from the taxi-way to the hangar.

Original intentions were to paint the hangar floor with a commercial floor paint before actually moving the Skylane in. But, it was September before it was all complete and it was getting too cool to attempt to paint it. It was also time to renew the tie-down space, so moving in was the way to go. The floor finally did get painted the next August. It took three full days to empty the hangar, clean the floor, etch it, and then finally paint it. Another week for drying was necessary. So, the whole process took about two weeks. It was most certainly worth the effort, though. The painted floor was much easier to keep clean, wipe up oil spills, and maintain.

The Finished Hangar

First Time Inside

From Inside

A Nighttime View
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