N58596 Calls Hangar, Home

These are photos of the hangar construction over the period from when the foundation was first poured until the Skylane was finally able to be pushed in. The photos were selected from various photos taken at different intervals between April and September. The foundation was poured either in late April or early May, Construction began somewhere in June/July timeframe, and the hangar construction itself was completed in late August. It was another week or two before the taxi-way was finally paved along with the ramp.

Over Labor Day weekend, the EAA Chapter 1210 assisted in pushing the Skylane into its new home. Aside from being eaten alive by mosquitos, it all went well.
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1_May14_foundation1 2_May_row5hangars 3_June5_5g 4_jun13_hangars
5_jun13_newframing 6_Jun_blackhawkbyhgr 7_july_framing 8_july_rear
9_july_58596hangars a_aug8_frontshot b_aug8_neighorstatus c_aug17_k11_hangar
d_aug17_backwall e_aug17_unfinishedwall f_aug23_hangar5g g_aug23_5ginside
h_sep3_ramp i_sep3_done j_sep8_feelin_good k_sep8_596_firstIN
l_sep8_EAAchapter m_sep30_lightsRup n_sep30_litup o_dec14_makingroom
p_dec14_newneighors q_dec14_neighors r_dec19_alltuckedin s_dec19_ready2roll
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