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The 1997 K1100LTB, Mystic Red
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Mileage Tracking
1997 K1100LTB, Mystic Red
Year (Dates) Starting
2018 - July 5 to August 25 87,202 87,397 195
2017 - June 22 to October 3 86,643 87,202 151
2016 - April 17 to October 17 85,881 86,663 762
2015 - May 16 to December 25 84,711 85,881 1,170
2014 - May 2 to October 83,272 84,711 1,439
2013 - April 8 to October 27 81,005 83,272 2,267
2012 - March 21 to November 6 78756 81,005 2,249
2011 - May 8 to October 9 76,032 78,756 2,724
2010 - March 17 to October 25 73,919 76,032 2,113
2009 - May 15 to November 15 71,496 73,919 2,423
2008 - May 2 to October 15 70,194 71,496 1,302
2007 - May 12 to August 28 67,085 70,194 3,109
2006 - May to October 64,726 67,085 2,359
2005 - April 8 to September 8 62,068 64,726 2,658
2004 - May to October 58,772 62,068 3,296
2003 - May 16 to October 13th 56,648 58,772 2,124
2002 - February 23rd to October 13th 43,840 56,648 12,808
2001 - April 13th - December 31st 29,503 43,840 14,337
- - - - Total Miles - - - - 57,894

Gearing Up for Touring
Equipment and Accessories for the K1100LT
BMW K-bike Tank Bag An absolute must for touring. This has performed beautifully! - the elastic straps wore out a couple years ago and I've been without it.. Really miss it. It's been on the bench to get the elastic replaced for a long, long time... soon, hopefully. Local
BMW Bag Liners These are like my helmet and gloves. They keep me ready to go anywhere. Highly recommend bag liners if you have hard bags. Local
Russell Day Long This Day Long custom seat was on the bike when I purchased it. It was customized for the previous owner, yet it has been very comfortable for me. All Day Long! My Recommended Seat! Russell
Sena Bluetooth Communications Upgraded to the Sena SMH10-11 dual kit bluetooth communications system. This has the ability to receive and make cell phone calls individually, listen to music individually, as well as communicate between rider and passenger. Not cheap, but got a good price from RevZilla. The old system was become frayed and frustrating. RevZilla
AutoCom EuroCom System Riding with my co-pilot isn't the same without being able to talk. Yelling over my shoulder gets old really fast. This unit, though a much older model, makes all the difference. I've finally retired the use of this system for the new Sena SMH10-11 (dual) bluetooth.
Apple iPod After several CD/Radio players, this has it all. Volume continues to be a challenge though.
Kenwood UBZ-LF14B
Kenwood UBZ-LH14
FRS Radio for Bike to Bike communications
-- Sold as part of BMW systems
-- Chan. 1 and Chan. 8 the same as the Chatterbox freq.
- - - Chan. 1: 462.6525 / Chan. 2: 467.6525
Cobra HH38WSXT CB Radio CB Radio for Weather and Traffic listening. Very short range CB reception, transmission. I carry this as backup, but will likely never end up mounting it to the bike. A future comm system will have inter-bike communications and a connection to a weather enabled GPS system.  
Garmin V GPS GPS for Tour navigation and other uses
- - Purchased new many years ago, its features are still useful, though connecting to updated maps have become a challenge. This has seen many miles on and off the motorcycle. The original GPS III+ this replaced was purchased through the IBMWR Marketplace.
- - It's time to replace this unit, but with what? So pricey, and so many. Maybe a mount for my smart phone?
Schuberth Concept Helmet Red, size Large... One of the first flip-up helmets on the market, the Concept has served me very comfortably and functionally. This is the second as an SUV ran over my first after I left it sitting behind my bike on a ferry terminal ramp. Crunch! Crunch! $400!! Dunbar
Helen Two Wheels Helen's packing system is a tremendous tool for LD Riding or even short trips! Waterproof, sized right, and the system works well. 10 years and still working well and looking good. Helen
Dry Bags for Camping Gear Have purchased various bags, straps, and velcro from
RiderWearhouse, LL Bean's and EMS
Michelin Pilot Activ - We'll see The last set of LaserTecs only seemed to get about 7,000 miles before they needed changing. I ran them for about another 1000 miles before I finally got them swapped out with a new set of Michelin Pilot Activ's from Max's BMW July 13th. What feedback I found was good and these are supposed to be the replacements for the MacAdam 50s. And... I loved the MacAdams. We'll see how these work out. So far, I like the ride and they feel good. Even did a solid day of rain with them. MAX's BMW
Metzeler LaserTecs - Didn't last Late summer, 2007, I picked up a set of the Lasertecs. The K11 Owner's Group folks that were running them and recommended them. Not real happy with the results. 2011 and only about 6k on the tires... in the spring the tires had already begun to cup. They need replacing in Sept. with only about 8k on them. Still no match for the MacAdams. American
Michelin MacAdam 50 & 50E - Loved em! Previous tire was a Metzeler 880. This was removed with ample tread for a set of MacAdam 50's. Love the MacAdams. Seems Michelin has replaced the MacAdam 50 with the Pilot Activ. LaserTecs replaced with the Pilot Activs.. Tire
Street Atlas USA Mapping software from DeLorme, Yarmouth, ME. Good all around. Like the interface to the GPS. New version out every year. I haven't used this or upgraded for a couple years. This is good for planning, but on an everyday DeLorme
R-A-M GPS Mount The GPS V has been mounted and direct wired to the bike on a RAM-B-149Z-GA2 handlebar mount. Some photos of the mount. Love the mount, it has worked great for many years now! I've used the RAM mounts for my GPS, my airplane gps and radio, and now for cell phones in the car. RAM Mounts
GPS Direct Power The GPS direct power cable has been installed in the fairing and leads to the handlebar, ready to plug into the Garmin V GPS. Garmin
Widder System 2 A requirement for extended riding seasons. Now have the vest, leg & arm chaps, and gloves. Though gloves are too small. A great group of folks! NEWS: I just discovered that Widder Enterprises has retired and closed the business! A great loss to the riding community! My co-pilot has been using a Gerber heated jacket for the last two years and loves it. So, Gerber it is for future heated gear. Widder
Accessory Lighting Will be doing a CATZ lighting solution similar to that done by Karl Rosenbaum on his '94 K11LT. The CATZ XLOs mounted on Top of The Line light mounts. Unfortunately, I've discovered that Maine makes mounting driving lights above the line of the headlight illegal. So, at some point I'll have to remove the brackets and find another solution.  
Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket Have purchased 2 Phoenix jackets to date. Both wear well. Protection is always a debated matter of the opinionated.. This has all the padding, is said to be made of Kevlar threaded fabric and is very cool in all ways. A bit of a racing look, this jacket is very cool in warm weather and I feel like I'll have some protection in a get-off.
- I've had and worn this jacket for at least 10 years now. Joe Rocket Rocks! I love it and would buy another Joe Rocket.
Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Jacket "I love it and would buy another Joe Rocket." Well, I did. Bought a Red/Black from RevZilla. This one has a waterproof zip out lining for chillier weather or rain. I had to return the first one because it was too snug (my mistake - read the sizing carefully and give yourself breathing room). The second fits and feels great. The first Joe Rocket Phoenix is still in good shape, it is just getting dirty and hard to clean. Really, I wanted the new one for the color choice and the zip out waterproof lining. Awesome jacket. I love my JR Phoenix in the summer. If you're thinking about it, do it! RevZilla
AeroStich Roadcrafter Suit This one-piece fits great and really makes a difference. Especially in the cooler weather. The full suit is important for me as I use the bike to commute to my clients each day. Rolls up to fit in the TopBox ! AeroStich
Parabellum Windscreen Purchased a new windscreen that is +4" in height and +2" on each side in width over the stock windscreen. This has eliminated the buffetting at highway speeds. It hasn't been too warm in the summer and makes for a much quieter ride. Mounting was a simple task. Parabellum
BMW 35 litre TopBox Purchased used off the IBMWR Marketplace. Added hinges and lock. The fit is perfect for my briefcase or my 'stich. IBMWR
Bel 940 Radar Detector Purchased Bel 940 Cordless. Got a good deal at a TA truck stop! Supplemented this with a used Valentine One. This serves full time in my F150. Works well. Beltronics
Auxiliary Fuel Cell Found a used and ready fuel cell with cover, pumps, etc... Purchased with a rare Reynolds rack and brackets. Have never had the chance to use this, so if somebody is interested... IBMWR List
Car*Mate 7'x12' Trailer Enclosed trailer to haul/store the BMWs when needed. Spurred by a winter trip to South Carolina and Daytona for Bike Week. Electronic brakes, ramp door, side door, supports, wheel chocks, tie downs, etc... Dwarfed my F150 ! This trailer came in handy on many occasions. If you HAVE to trailer a BMW, this is the way to go! Gone now, but made for great winter storage for the bikes and a makeshift office inside my aircraft hangar for a couple years. Bill's Trailers
Top of the Line light mounts These mounts are custom designed for the K1100LT. They install behind the stock mirrors on the fairing. Unfortunately, I've discovered that they mount the driving lights too high for Maine inspection law. No driving light can be mounted above the line of the headlight. So, I'll have to replace these. Top of The Line
CATZ XLOs driving lights St. Andres was slow delivering and responding. The lights still aren't mounted yet, but reports are strong. St. Andres
Custom accessory shelf Working on building a custom accessory shelf for the dash of the LT. I'll use this to mount my GPS V, Valentine One, and EZ-Pass. Ron Ayres'
Valentine One
Radar Detector
Purchased used from another BMW rider. This has served well in my MX6 and will be mounted in its own case on the coming accessory shelf. Valentine One

Helpful BMW Shops
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North Hampton, NH
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Brockton, MA
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Jessup, MD
California BMW
Mountain View, CA

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